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What is a DC gear motor?


Gear reducer motor introduction:
What is a gear motor?
In front of the output shaft of a vertical ordinary motor (single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor), a gear reducer is mounted to form a gear motor.
What kind of gear reducer?
1. Vertical type (with direct type and single-phase three-phase type)
2. Horizontal (Direct and Biaxial)
3 Planetary Gear reducer
4. Cylindrical gear reducer
Cylindrical involute gear reducer models are suitable for building materials, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, chemical and light industry. The speed of the high speed shaft does not exceed 1500r/min, the peripheral speed of the gear is not more than 12m/s, and the efficiency is not less than 0.94. The work environment of the cylindrical involute gear reducer is -40°C to +40°C, and it can be operated in positive and negative directions.
The efficiency of the gear reducer is 98%, but the gear reducer cannot be self-locking.
5. Bevel gear reducer
Features: Space-saving, reliable and durable, withstands high overload capacity, power up to 200KW, low energy consumption, superior performance, deceleration efficiency up to 95c/o above, low vibration, low noise, rigid cast iron box, gear surface after high frequency heat treatment, Precision machining constitutes helical gears and bevel gears.
6. Helical Gear Reducer
There are 2 detection methods. The premise is that the gears are installed according to the use conditions (central distance in actual use) and one of the gears cannot be rotated.
1. With a feeler gauge from the tooth gap of the face plug (the other gear can be turned), the maximum reading of the feeler that can just be inserted is the tooth gap.
2. Use a dial indicator to measure the top of the head in the vicinity of the middle section of the tooth profile of the moving gear and turn the movable gear. The reading of the watch is the backlash of the end face.
7. Planetary gear reducer
High precision, high rigidity, high load, high efficiency, low inertia, low vibration, low noise, low temperature rise
In general, there are three planetary wheels, but the VGM planetary gear reducer has five planetary gears. This is the biggest feature of the VGM reducer. The characteristics of the five planetary wheels are that the number of teeth of the instant contact tooth increases. The teeth disperse the impact load, so it can withstand more torque and improve the ability to withstand the impact load, so at the same power, the body of the VGM reducer can be made smaller, the structure is more compact, the return clearance is small, and the efficiency is high, so The VGM planetary reducer is smaller than the one with the Flanders or the revolver at the same number of seats or the same power, and why no one can achieve the five planetary wheels because the five planetary gears are in the ring gear. The requirements are very high. Now only CPG can solve this problem in materials and heat treatment.
As for the 2 level 3 transmission
The primary transmission refers to a sun gear (an input shaft gear) and 3 planetary gears (a driven output shaft). The primary transmission can achieve a certain transmission ratio. To obtain a larger transmission ratio, a level 2 is required. Drive or three-stage transmission, two-stage transmission is the output shaft transmitted to the first stage as the input shaft of the two-stage transmission, and so on
The role of gear motor:
Geared motors are used in all walks of life to provide corresponding power and speed for these mechanical devices. Its main function is four words: deceleration and force increase.
Gear Reducer Motor Applications:
Geared motors have a wide range of applications and are indispensable power equipment for machinery and equipment, especially in packaging machinery, printing machinery, corrugated machinery, color box machinery, conveying machinery, food machinery, three-dimensional parking facilities, automatic warehousing, three-dimensional warehouse , chemical, textile, dyeing and finishing equipment.
The advantages and disadvantages of gear reducer
Advantages: high carrying capacity and long service life (of course, this is based on your regular maintenance);
Disadvantages: Compared with other reducers, the gear reducer is much larger, the space is smaller, the seismic performance is not good, and the tooth root is easy to break.
Gear reducer motor selection:
To determine the type of a geared motor, you need to do the following:
1. Determine the operating speed of the machine and calculate the reduction ratio of the geared motor based on this speed;
2. Calculate the moment and load power of the load, select the output of the gear reduction motor according to this torque (refer to the “output torque table” provided by the gear reduction motor manufacturer), and determine the model of the gear reduction motor;
3, clearly use the ambient temperature, the use of occasions.
4. Determine the additional functions of the gear motor, such as power brake, power brake, frequency conversion, frame reduction, shell material, etc. Some additional functions can only be provided by a specific factory, such as some gear reducers, which provide all the additional Functionality, so it is important to communicate with suppliers at the time of selection. (Chengbang Gear Motor)
Gear reducer motor installation and maintenance:
1. Before using, please confirm whether the appearance of the gear motor is damaged. Is there any oil leakage?
2. Please confirm the voltage of the gear motor before use. Regulators can be installed when the voltage is unstable.
3. Please confirm whether the purchase of the deceleration motor is in line with the design specifications.
4. Please confirm the fixed seat to avoid loosening when driving.
5, if the use of sprocket, pulleys, couplings ... and other accessories, must be installed in accordance with the relevant provisions.
6. Lubrication grease has been put into the body of the geared motor, and the lubricant has been replaced for 12,000 hours.
7. When the gear motor is running, the rated current must not exceed the current value marked on the nameplate of the motor.
8, please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues.
9, adapt to the environment is -10 degrees to +40 degrees, the humidity is less than 90%, indoor elevation 1000 meters.
10. If it is not installed, maintained or operated in the correct way, it may cause serious damage to the geared motor.
11. When repairing or disassembling, make sure that the external power supply completely folds away from the geared motor.
12. The safety protection device must be installed to ensure absolute operation safety.
13. The motor needs grounding wire. Please refer to the relevant regulations of power distribution.
14. Please confirm that all mounting parts and transmission accessories are fixed correctly before starting the geared motor.
15. If the geared motor cooperates with the inverter to drive at low speed, an independent auxiliary cooling fan must be installed.
16. After the single-phase decelerating motor is de-energized, part of the charge still remains in the capacitor. Please discharge or ground the terminal first.
17. When installing the motor vertically, please inform the factory's technical department.
City State gear reducer motor related certifications are:
CCC Mandatory Quality Certification
The above is the relevant introduction of gear motor, welcome your inquiry.
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