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Shenzhen Dongming Motor Co Ltd is specialized in designing manufacturing and selling Micro DC Motors especially DC Geared Motors in China We have successfully worked out over 100 series of DC spur gear motor DC planetary gear motor DC worm gear motor Our products are widely applied on house hold appliance office equipment health care and beauty care facilities medical appliance high class toys electronic tools electronic commodity automotive parts and some automatic systems as

Categories and Products


DM-130 15 volt micro motor DM-N30 double shaft dc motor DM-42RPBL 4260 42mm offset brushless gear motor DM-36RPBL 3650 low rpm small electric brushless motor with gear reduction DM-36RPBL 3625 brushless planetary gear motor DM-82SW 4468 3v dc worm gear motor specifications DM-58SW 555 37mm 12v 100 rpm dc worm geared motor DM-58SW 31ZY 3 volt motor and worm gearbox DM-51SW 180 right angle 90 worm gear motor DM-42RP 775 12v dc planetary getriebemotor DM-36RP 555 1 nm planetary gear motor 

Brushed DC Motor

Flat DC Motor

130 Brush Dc Motor N20 micro 3v dc motor 280 Micro Dc Motor 050 miniature dc motor 030 Brushed Dc Motor micro dc motor for toys door lock dc motor 030 3v micro dc motor 280 6V Micro Dc Motor DM-280 dc 12v motor DM-280 my1016z dc motor DM-N20 electric bike motor DM-N20 N20 door lock motor DM-N20 dc motor 8000 rpm DM-280 low speed high torque motor 

Round DC Motor

35mm Dc motor for ATM 3540 Carbon brush Dc Motor 3525 Micro Dc Motor 395 Brush Dc Motor 370 brush dc motor Carbon Brush Dc Motor 3v Micro Round dc motor 395 Electric brush micro dc motor Vending Machine Dc Motor 310 micro dc curtain motor 

Carbon Brushed DC Motor

24.4mm Brush Dc Motor 385 Carbon Brush Micro DC Motor 370 carbon brush dc motor 3530 Micro Dc Motor Carbon Brushed micro dc motor Rotisserie high torque dc motor 

Electric Brush DC Motor

545 35mm diameter carbon brushed dc motor N30 Micro metal brush Dc Motor 555 Brush Dc Motor 6v dc motor for automatic products High Torque 24V Dc Motor 555 DC Motor With carbon Brushes Hotel Lock Dc Motor 180 electronic dc motor 

DC Gear Motor

3v DC Gear Motor

micro 3v dc gear motor smart lock geared motor 

6v DC Gear Motor

20mm 6v gear motor 16mm dc gear motor 3v 

12v DC Gear Motor

25mm12v dc gear motor 12v dc motor with gearbox 

24v DC Gear Motor

70mm dc spur gear motor 24v dc 95mm dc square geared motor 24v 

DC Spur Gear Motor

12mm DC Spur Gear Motor

12mm dc spur gear motor Micro DC gear motor 12mm micro metal gear motor 1000:1 N20 dc gear motor with encoder 12mm micro dc spur gear motor N30 gearbox dc motor N30 Small Dc Gear Motor 12mm 3v6v12v24v N20 gearbox motor 12mm micro gear motor reducer 

13mm DC Spur Gear Motor

13mm mini dc gearmotor DC spur gear motor 13mm micro dc motor with encoder 13mm dc spur gear motor 13mm small dc gear motor 13mm mini dc gear motor 13mm mini dc gear motor reducer 13mm dc gear motor for smart lock 

16mm DC Spur Gear Motor

16mm DC spur gear motor 16mm Dc Geared Motor 16mm dc gearbox motor with encoder 16mm dc motro with gearbox 16mm 3v dc spur gear motor 16mm 3v micro dc gear motor 16mm 6v dc gear motor 16mm small 12v dc electric geared motor 16mm 6volt3v12v24v dc spur geared motor for curtain 6volt 3v12v dc gear motor for robot 

20mm DC Spur Gear Motor

20mm 12 volt gear motor 20mm 12 volt dc gear motor quiet dc gear motor electric dc reduction motor 20mm electric motor with reduction gearbox 20mm DC Spur Gear Motor for Smart homeappliance dc spur gearbox motor for smart lock 

25mm DC Spur Gear Motor

60 rpm dc gear motor with encoder 25mm 3 volt dc gear motor 25mm 3v dc gear motor 25mm 12 volt motors with gear reduction 25mm DC SPUR GEAR MOTOR 25mm mini dc spur gear motor 25mm smart dc spur gear motor 25mm 12v dc gear motor 25mm Dc Gear Motor Micro Dc Spur Gear Motor 25mm Mico Dc Gear Motor gearboxes for small electric motors 25mm spur geared motor low noise high rpm 25mm gear motor with customized spec. Small gear motor with gearbox speed reducer 25mm geared motor speed reducer cast gear 

27mm DC Spur Gear Motor

27mm dual shaft dc gear motor 27mm 12v dc gear motor 200 rpm 27mm DC Spur Gear Motor 27mm small dc geared motor 12v dc electric gear motor 27mm Dc Gear Motor 27mm DC micro gear motor speed controller Mini gearbox motor controller with high torque 

30mm DC Spur Gear Motor

12 volt dc motors with low speed 12v 50 rpm dc gear motor 30mm Dc Spur Gear Motor 30mm dc gear motor 100 rpm 30mm DC Gear Motor 12v 20rpm dc gear motor 30mm DC Spur Reduction Gearbox Motor 30mm DC Geared Motor Speed Reducer Controller 

32mm DC Spur Gear Motor

32mm carbon brushed dc gear motor 32mm dc gear motor 12v 60 rpm 32mm 9v dc gear motor 32mm dc gear motor 12v 10rpm 80 rpm dc gear motor dc gear motor 12v 10rpm 32mm Micro Gear Reduction Boxes DC Motor 32mm Micro Geared Motor Reduction Boxes 

33mm DC Spur Gear Motor

12v dc motor with reduction gearbox 33mm gear reduced electric motors 33mm dc reduction gear motor 12v electric motor and reducer 33mm dc gear motor 30 rpm motor dc gearbox 24 volt 12v electric motor and gearbox 12v gear motor high torque 33mm 12v dc motor with reduction gearbox 33mm dc motor with encoder and gearbox 33mm DC SPUR GEAR MOTOR gear reduced electric motors dc motor with gearbox and encoder 12v electric motor with gearbox 12v dc motor with gear reduction dc gear motor 300 rpm dc motor gear reduction 33mm 5v 5rpm 10rpm mirco gearhead motor reducer 33mm micro brush dc gear motor 33mm Gearhead Motor 12v 60rpm 

37mm DC Spur Gear Motor

37mm Dc Spur Gear Motor 24 volt dc gear motor 24v dc geared electric motors 4 rpm 12v dc gear motor 12v dc gear motor high torque dc gear motor 37gb 12v 100 rpm dc geared motor 3 rpm dc gear motor 37mm 24 volt dc gear motor small motor with gearbox 37mm 12 dc gear motor 24v dc gear electric motors Dc Gear Motor with encoder 12v dc gear motor 50kg-cm 1.5 rpm offset gear motor 12v reversible gear motor small reversible electric motor helical gear reducer motor 

50mm DC Spur Gear Motor

12 volt high torque gear motor 12 volt dc motor high torque 

65mm DC Spur Gear Motor

industrial gearboxes and electric motors low geared electric motor low speed dc gear motor small dc geared motors dc gear motor high torque 

70mm DC Spur Gear Motor

variable speed electric gear motor 12v dc geared motor high torque reversible electric gear motor 

95mm DC Spur Gear Motor

low rpm dc geared motor 100 rpm 12v dc geared motor torque dc gear motor low noise brushed dc gear motor 12 dc motor 50 kg torque high torque dc electric motor 

DC Planetary Gear Motor

16mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

6vdc 16mm planetary gear motor 16mm 12 v planetary gear motor 16mm planetary gear motor 3v planetary micro dc motor mini planetary gear motor 16mm dc Planetary Gear Motor 16mm dc motor with planetary gearbox Dc planetary gear motor for electric lock 

22mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

Micro Dc Planetary Gear Motor 12v 22mm planetary gear motor micro dc planetary geared motors 22mm dc planetary gear motor 

28mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

12v 28mm planetary gear motor 24v 28mm planetary gear motor 28mm Dc Planetary Gear Motor 28mm Micro Dc Planetary Gear Motor 

32mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

12v 32mm planetary gear motor dc24v motor with planetary gear reduction 

36mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

12v 36mm planetary gear motor 24v 36mm planetary gear motor 36mm Dc Planetary Gear Motor 36mm Dc Motor with Planetary Gearbox 

42mm DC Planetary Gear Motor

24voltage Brushless Dc Planetary Gear Motor 12v 42mm planetary gear motor 42mm DC Planetary Gear Motor 

DC Worm Gear Motor

46mm DC Worm Gear Motor

12 volt dc right angle gear motor 

58mm DC Worm Gear Motor

3v dc worm gear motor 

3v DC Worm Gear Motor

dc motor right angle gearbox 

6v DC Worm Gear Motor

dc worm gear motor 24v 

24v DC Worm Gear Motor

worm drive gearbox with motor 

Brushless DC Gear Motor

36mm DC Brushless Gear Motor

36mm Brushless Dc Gear Motor 24vdc Brushless Dc Gear Motor 36mm dc planetary brushless gear motor 24v brushless dc gear motor brushless dc motor low rpm 36mm Brushless Dc Planetary Gear Motor 36mm brushless dc motor with planetary gearbox DM-280 small rotating motor 

42mm DC Brushless Gear Motor

Brushless Dc Gear Motor 42mm Brushless Dc Gear Motor 42mm dc planetary gearbox with brushless motor Dc Brushless Gear Motor 

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